Vewd’s Operator TV Expands Pay TV Content Protection with SmarDTV

Pay TV Operators can offer premium broadcast content on their branded Operator Smart TV with industry approved CI Plus technology.

Vewd, the leading provider of OTT software solutions, today announced that Operator TV now supports SmarDTV’s CI Plus CAM technology. SmarDTV joins a rapidly expanding ecosystem that can deliver Operator TV, a richly featured Smart TV that integrates Pay TV in an experience fully controlled and branded by the operator. SmarDTV’s pre-integration with Operator TV allows the operator to continue to use efficient broadcast distribution for linear channels and leverage a trusted industry standard for content security.

Vewd’s Operator TV is supported on leading Smart TV hardware and includes a customizable cloud-managed reference UX, specifically designed to seamlessly combine linear and on-demand content from all sources. The SaaS business model aligns Operator TV with Pay TV subscription revenue models, minimizing up-front costs, development time, and risk.

SmarDTV offers Conditional Access Modules (CAMs) based on proven, widely deployed CI Plus standard for linear broadcast in Smart TVs worldwide. SmarDTV’s CAMs seamlessly integrate with a Pay TV operator’s existing security deployment and strongly complement Vewd's Operator TV stack.

"2022 will be the critical year for Pay TV operators to choose their Smart TV strategy to complement and enhance their existing set-top box and in-app strategies,"
"We are pleased to add our CI Plus CAM technology to the Vewd Operator TV ecosystem and give Operators a proven security option when adopting a Smart TV strategy."

Erik Gazzoni, Direct-to-TV Product Line Director at SmarDTV Technology

"We’re pleased to integrate SmarDTV into the Operator TV ecosystem,"
"SmarDTV’s CI Plus technology adds another dimension to the content protection capabilities in Operator TV and enables Pay TV operators to launch their Smart TV strategy with minimal effort and risk."

Marco Frattolin, Head of Operator Products at Vewd

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