SmarDTV and Tivù together achieved to provide a modern USB-based 4K Conditional Access Module in Italy

Tivù, the company that launched tivùsat, the first Italian free digital satellite platform covering all the Italian territory, and SmarDTV Global, a European company specialized in designing and delivering innovative solutions for digital pay-tv operators, partnered to introduce the first USB based module offering to the tivùsat users a full 4K TV viewing experience.

SmarDTV and Tivù provide a modern USB-based 4K CAM in ItalySmall and smart designs have become a key part in the customer’s decision-making process over the years, and TV equipment is no exception in this regard. However, getting smarter - means integrating evolving new features or capabilities - while shrinking the form-factor is not an easy job for operators. Tivù succeeded in providing a tiny 4K module to the market, with the USB CAM, designed and developed with the help of SmarDTV Global.

Tivù, which has always been a pioneer in delivering new and innovative ways to watch television, in Italy but also in Europe, reconfirms its leading position and introduces the USB CAM as a fully integrated TV experience. With its USB form-factor in which the tivùsat smart card is embedded, the USB CAM is even more a plug & play and fully standardized customer device.

Thanks to a long and close cooperation, SmarDTV Global has been able to support Tivù in making the life of its customers easier and better. SmarDTV’s USB CAM, integrated with NAGRA technology and compliant with the DVB CI Plus 2.0 standard, ensures Tivù a fully secure way to bring premium content in 4K resolution to Italian TV viewers.

“Beyond the experience and delivery of TV content, part of our focus has been to help Tivù to offer their consumers an environmentally friendly device. Today, with the USB CAM, Tivù and SmarDTV Global offer a solution which significantly reduces e-waste and power consumption throughout the life of the product, and we are talking about a decade. We have paid a particular attention to reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging, working on size optimized carton box and, enabling Tivù to minimize logistics in the end.”

Guillaume REILLON, General Manager & CMO of the Direct-to-TV Business Line of SmarDTV Global

“Protecting the environment is now mandatory, and Tivù is proud to actively contribute in this way with a carbon-friendly device, with a direct positive impact on carbon footprint. Thanks to the removal of electrical and network cables, you keep using the TV remote control and the CAM is directly powered by the TV built-in USB interface. That way, we are able to answer customers’ expectations with a high-quality TV viewing experience at home and being able to positively act for the planet. That’s key for tivù!”

Alberto SIGISMONDI, President at Tivù srl

About Tivù
Tivù is a company jointly owned by Rai, Mediaset, Telecom Italia, Associazione TV Locali and Aeranti Corallo.

Tivù has been founded in 2008 to promote the digital terrestrial television in Italy and to launch and manage tivùsat, the first Italian free-to-air digital satellite platform covering all the Italian territory, including those areas not reached by the terrestrial TV signal.

Tivùsat, offering digital TV and radio services, gives free access to traditional Italian mainstream television channels without any dimming of the programming schedules, to digital television channels (both national and local) and to a large selection of most popular international channels: almost 130 television and 50 radio channels including more than 60 HD and 4K-Ultra HD channels.

Accessing tivùsat is simple, all you need is a satellite dish pointed at Eutelsat Hotbird 13°, a tivùsat HD or 4K certified device and a smartcard which can be activated in a few minutes.

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About SmarDTV Global
SmarDTV Global is an independent and agile company specialized in designing and developing secure digital devices and solutions for worldwide pay-tv operators with 25+years’ experience in the digital pay-tv industry. Relying on international and committed teams in extended Europe and Asia, SmarDTV Global designs, manufactures and delivers Set-top boxes and Direct-to-TV solutions and today can claim more than 60 million secure devices deployed for 100+ customers and countries across the globe.

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