Partnering is key in reaching digital TV successes in a rapidly changing pay-TV landscape. Our customers are facing new technology challenges, new business models to reassess, new skills to develop in order to cope with these ever-changing ways of consuming TV adopted by consumers. Indeed, wherever the content is coming from (IPTV, Broadcast, OTT or a mix of all), the end-users are expecting an enriched and personalized TV viewing experience in a simplest manner (using a set-top box, a module, a dongle or an App embedded into the TV). In the meantime, all these challenges drastically lead to various and complex ecosystems.

That’s the reason why we established longstanding partnerships with experts in their domains and we continue to do so. We are improving a comprehensive ecosystem management to support and help our customers as complexity constantly increases with these evolving ecosystems.

We are committed to build dedicated and deep relationships with customers and partners for long-term perspectives. Together, let’s create durable successes.